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The weekend conversation!!

I am not a relationship expert and will never claim to be one. Furthermore, I do not post much about relationships on my blog. However, I’ve been having many conversations about this one subject more than I care too and wanted to get your opinions.

Question: Do we ever marry the person we really love or really want?

It seems that a large percentage of the people I talked to ended up “settling” and or just marrying the guy or girl that has been there or that’s ready to marry. Post your comments.

Gentlemen ,Please put the “PORN” down

Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

This is a serous problem… Please read!!!

A growing number of young, healthy Internet pornography users are complaining of delayed ejaculation, inability to be turned on by real partners, and sluggish erections.

Desperate young men from various cultures, with different levels of education, religiosity, attitudes, values, diets, marijuana use and personalities are seeking help. They have only two things in common: heavy use of today’s Internet porn and increasing need for more extreme material.

Many have previously been to doctors, undergone various tests, and been declared “just fine” physically. Neither they nor their health care providers considered excessive porn use as a potential cause of their continued performance problems. Most were assured that “masturbation cannot cause erectile dysfunction.” (Probably true, but unfortunately Internet porn use can.) The final diagnosis was generally “performance anxiety.”

Not long ago, Italian urologists confirmed an erectile dysfunction-porn use connection via a large survey. When interviewed about the survey, urologist Carlo Foresta (head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine and professor at the University of Padua) mentioned that 70 percent of the young men seeking clinical help for sexual performance problems admit to using Internet pornography habitually.

Recovery appears to take 6-12 weeks, and rests primarily on one factor: avoiding the extreme stimulation of Internet erotica. (Many also avoid masturbation for a time, either because at first they cannot masturbate without porn fantasy, or because climax triggers binging.)

Among those who recover, progression is surprisingly similar. Men typically report that after a few days of intense sexual cravings, their libido plummets and their penis seems “lifeless,” “shrunken,” or “cold.” These “flatline” symptoms typically continue for up to six weeks on average, dependent upon age and intensity of porn use.

Gradually, morning erections return, followed by libido and, perhaps, occasional spontaneous erections. Finally, there is complete recovery of erectile health, sexual desire for real partners, sex becomes extremely pleasurable, and condom use is no longer problematic.


Women we love/Hate

Today’s Woman We Absolutely LOVE!! Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

We love Michelle Obama because she is a first lady we can all relate to. Whether you are an executive, housewife, or a student there is something about her that is very affable. She exudes strength, style, hard work, and you can tell she truly respects and adores her husband. Way to go Michelle!! We absolutely love you and your style!!

Tell us do you love or hate Mrs Obama?