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Our Morgan Freeman (Sam Loco)

We Lost One SAM LOCO

Perhaps some or many of you have NEVER heard of this name before (Sam Loco) but if you are familiar with Nollywood which has became one of my pride and joy you would immediately recognize this face.

Sam Loco:

It has been 4 days since Sam Loco died and there are no new facebook posts nor tweets about this talented man that the movie industry lost. This 66 year-old actor was a multifaceted actor, writer and singer could be compared to American actor Morgan freeman. With over 130 titles under his belt and still having more to give to the Nollywood community, his era ended. I have seen several movies with Sam loco and his humor is subtle but after watching him on screen for a few minutes you would fall in love with this papi. There several reports our there as to how he died and if he was even dead, but I got confirmation that he indeed died.

All i am asking is for you to Remember Sam Loco, keep his memories alive by watching his movies and enjoy the good times and laughter he brought in our homes.