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Rich, Sexy and he gives back

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and SK Energy Shots are giving African entrepreneurs the chance to bring the energy shot to their country and give back at the same time.
The American rapper’s goal is to choose a partner in each country who will be given the opportunity and sole right to sell and market SK Energy in that market. Each partner 50 Cent chooses will work closely with him to launch SK Energy in his or her country and learn firsthand the business vision and brand strategy.

“Everyone thought that we would expand immediately to Europe or South America,” said Jackson.” But if you know SK, you know the vision has always been to support my roots in Africa. Giving back to hungry children with every shot we sell is only part of the story. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across Africa, and one thing I’ve learned is that it is filled with vibrant, young entrepreneurs who are eager to cultivate a sustainable business sector that will fuel growth for their future. That’s why I’m giving African entrepreneurs the chance to bring SK to their country.”

“I’ve had so much interest coming from Africa since I’ve launched SK. That’s why I’m opening up submissions to entrepreneurs across the continent to become distribution partners.”


50 Cent’s mansion burgled by wine-drinking suspects

Umm so you break into the mans house then you drink his liquor too? Criminals just do not know how to act.

Police responded to a suspicious car discovered at rapper 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.
Guards at the home told police that a male suspect was inside the residence. But was he making off with bling, or cases of Vitamin Water (50 Cent is an investor)? No, just a nice bottle of wine.

According to a news release from the Farmington (Conn.) Police Department, the suspect, later identified as Alexander Hernandez, “was hiding in a closet, drinking a bottle of wine he had stolen from the residence.” Another suspect (this one not raiding the wine stash), Santos Padilla, was found hiding in another section of the house. Both were in possession of marijuana when they were arrested. Hernandez was released on $50,000 bond and then turned over to New Britain (Conn.) Police on a warrant from that department. Padilla was held on $50,000 bond.
There’s no comment yet from 50 Cent.


Has anyone seen this guy?

Umm has anyone seen Ja Rule lately?

So basically 50 just kicked him out the game.. wow I didn’t know it was that easy.. umm let me see who I can go after…OOO

UPDATE: We found him.

Ja Rule is about to spend some quality time behind bars.

The rapper (real name: Jeffrey Atkins), 34, was sentenced to two years in prison on Monday after pleading guilty to illegally possessing a gun.

Had the rapper’s case gone to trial, he would have faced up to 7 years in jail if found guilty. The Associated Press reports that he will likely serve 16 months in prison followed by 18 months’ probation.

The gun possession charges stem from a July 2007 incident involving fellow rapper Lil Wayne, who was also arrested that night on similar charges after he and Ja Rule performed together. NYC police discovered a semiautomatic .40-calibre pistol in the back seat of Ja Rule’s luxury sedan; the rapper, his manager and their driver were all arrested on the scene.

Ja Rule’s response to the news? “Minor setback for a major comeback,” he Tweeted Monday.

Minor set back my A%%; He is already way back and now he will be officially done.. what a sad sad case.