Keep some parts of your life private-I do!

I scan my facebook news feed throughout the day in between meetings or travel and I am always amazed at how much (Personal) information people posts on their social media sites.

I have a blog, social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, whatsapp) etc. However, there is probably about 90% of my life that i keep very private and I want to encourage others to do the same and keep some parts of their lives private.

People are quick to judge you/us based on the little bits/one liners/sound bites that we post on facebook, twitter, etc and it is extremely hard to change peoples perception of you. This applies to all of us.

Perhaps from time to time..we should consider that special moment that was shared with our families, loved ones or even colleagues is a moment for only those that participated in the event or experience. Let it be their memory that they cherish and remember in their own way, not based on a picture that is being judged by others on facebook that were not even there.

Let their minds/brain do what it does best, which is create a feeling based on the memory or experience that was shared and leave it. That memory that can be recalled whenever they think of those people and might need a little pick me up from time to time.



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