Did you say Nigeria?

I am proud to say I’m from the little country of Liberia any opportunity I get, however for some reason people just refuse to accept my countries existence. ¬†(Joking)

Check out how my conversations go..

Stranger: Hey, how are you 

Lotten: I am great thanks..you?

Stranger: Where are you from, you sound different?

Lotten: Oh..I do? Well I’m from Liberia, West Africa

Stranger: Oh cool.. I hear there are a lot of Nigerians here.

Lotten: Yeah there are a lot of Nigerians, but I said Liberia

Stranger: So what is it like in Nigeria?

African Fun Fact:

Nigeria Population=168+  million

Liberia Population 4.19 (and probably about half million are Nigerians )

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