Who’s paying for the bill?

paying-the-billI remember years (over 10 years) ago a friend of mine came in from (Cleveland) to visit me and some of his friends in Chicago.  I invited him to hang out with me and some of my girlfriends and another guy. We ended up at the signature room (95Th floor of the Hancock Tower) for drinks that evening after we left dinner.

When we got there my girlfriends started ordering cosmopolitans and lots of appetizers as I watched and wondered who was going to pick up the bill. I ordered a beer because I knew how expensive the signature room could be and wasn’t trying to hurt anyone pockets that night especially since we had just left dinner earlier.

The girls continued to drink and ordered several shrimp appetizers etc and of course we didn’t eat because we were already full.  Mind you, the average drink at the signature room is anywhere between $14.00 and $17.00.

When the bill arrived it was close or or over 400.00..…I was watching the girls to see if either of them would look at the bill and or contribute since they were the ones drinking and eating mostly.

Unfortunately, neither of them looked at the bill, so I snapped on them…and said, this is ridiculous, I didn’t invite my friend out here to come pay for your drinks/food mainly because they had no intention of paying for their drinks because guys were with us that evening. Not sure if it was okay but I was extremely pissed because

1) I didn’t know if he knew how expensive things are in Chicago compared to Cleveland and of course I wasn’t sure if he was prepared to pay that much for people he didn’t even know just because he was a guy at the table.

Long story not so short, he and the other guy split the bill and we left.

Fast forward to this past weekend; I got a random call from him saying how much he appreciated me speaking up for him. He said he was surprised that none of the girls attempted to help with the bill. Luckily he was prepared to pay towards the bill but also said it took a lot to say something to my friends but was glad I spoke up for him.

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