Keep some parts of your life private-I do!

I scan my facebook news feed throughout the day in between meetings or travel and I am always amazed at how much (Personal) information people posts on their social media sites.

I have a blog, social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, whatsapp) etc. However, there is probably about 90% of my life that i keep very private and I want to encourage others to do the same and keep some parts of their lives private.

People are quick to judge you/us based on the little bits/one liners/sound bites that we post on facebook, twitter, etc and it is extremely hard to change peoples perception of you. This applies to all of us.

Perhaps from time to time..we should consider that special moment that was shared with our families, loved ones or even colleagues is a moment for only those that participated in the event or experience. Let it be their memory that they cherish and remember in their own way, not based on a picture that is being judged by others on facebook that were not even there.

Let their minds/brain do what it does best, which is create a feeling based on the memory or experience that was shared and leave it. That memory that can be recalled whenever they think of those people and might need a little pick me up from time to time.



You want to live longer than your neighbor??


I came across this article on Huffington post and had to share it with my network. Below  is the summary of the article. In short, these are the 7 foods to eat that can help prolong your life.

1) Cranberries

2) Green tea

3) Nuts (the food)

4) Salmon


6) Whole grains and olive oil

7) Wine (My favorite)

Read article when you have some time at the below link



Did you say Nigeria?

I am proud to say I’m from the little country of Liberia any opportunity I get, however for some reason people just refuse to accept my countries existence.  (Joking)

Check out how my conversations go..

Stranger: Hey, how are you 

Lotten: I am great

Stranger: Where are you from, you sound different?

Lotten: Oh..I do? Well I’m from Liberia, West Africa

Stranger: Oh cool.. I hear there are a lot of Nigerians here.

Lotten: Yeah there are a lot of Nigerians, but I said Liberia

Stranger: So what is it like in Nigeria?

African Fun Fact:

Nigeria Population=168+  million

Liberia Population 4.19 (and probably about half million are Nigerians )

FOREO to Sponsor African Fashion Weeks in London & Nigeria

AFWL logo FOREO Announces Sponsorship of African Fashion Weeks in London & Nigeria  Stockholm/Nigeria, February 2014: After launching across African markets late last month, Swedish brand FOREO announces they will be an official sponsor of two of the continent’s most celebrated events, African Fashion Week in London and African Fashion Week in Nigeria. Having already been successful in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia, FOREO is excited to support the growth of the beauty industry in Africa by sponsoring these key events. From its Swedish roots to New York, London and Madrid, FOREO has established itself as a truly global brand by revolutionizing the skincare routines of millions of consumers regardless of their background. To further this commitment, the brand has aligned itself with AFWL, an event that praises diverse cultural heritages, as well as AFWN, which celebrates emerging talents in the region. The sponsorship of these two events coincides with FOREO’s entry into the fast-growing economies of Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt, where the brand sees exciting possibilities. By supporting community-based AFWL and AFWN, the brand hopes to gain awareness and consumer engagement while bringing its philosophy of providing beauty solutions that really work to the African continent. “FOREO’s aim is to give new-found confidence through innovative beauty solutions that deliver visible results. With the beauty industry in Africa having achieved substantial growth in recent years, we see great potential and we are confident that we will change the way Africans cleanse their skin forever by bringing the iconic ‘LUNA™ cleanse’  to the region,” says Brand Manager, Teun Hanegraaf.   Media, beauty experts, retailers and customers alike have fallen in love with the LUNA™’s smart design, user-friendly functionalities and remarkable benefits, and here’s why:

  • Sleekly designed facial brush that cleanses and brightens the skin while helping to diminish the visible signs of aging.
  • Smooth silicone touch-points direct up to 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute, cleansing the skin deeply yet gently without the abrasive rotary scouring of conventional facial brushes.
  • The LUNA™ is available in three different models, each with a distinct cleansing brush surface to suit a different skin type. All models also feature an anti-aging surface to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The LUNA™’s soft silicone is ultra-hygienic, feels exquisite on the skin and is compatible for use with all standard nonabrasive cleansers.
  • 100% waterproof and boasting more than 450 uses from a single full charge, the device comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee.


FOREO’s LUNA™ will be available across major cosmetic outlets in Lagos Nigeria

For more information please visit

Contact: Rachael Nsofor, Sales & Marketing Manager (MEA Regions) Media Inquiries: or

Sweden-based FOREO is taking the beauty industry by storm with its iconic new range of beauty solutions. Through multidisciplinary collaboration between topflight specialists at the FOREO Institute, we have developed revolutionary innovations that surpass the cosmetic, providing a smarter and more effective way to care for yourself. FOREO is here to revolutionize the beauty industry with a simple promise – to give a new-found confidence to millions, through innovative beauty solutions that work.