Is your parent pressuring you into marriage?

I am curious, do American mothers pressure their children into marriage as much as African mothers??

You guessed it!!! I am not married and have all the intentions of accepting a “good proposal” when it is presented by the “right person”. 🙂 I have to put that disclaimer in there.

However, every African man I talked to (mostly Nigerian/Ghanaian) tell me their mothers are constantly begging them to marry. Do other cultures pressure their children( I know South Asians -Indians) mothers do too. However my question is:

Is it healthy to pressure your kids to marry?


Does A Celebrity Marriage = Losing Some Fans

some of you remember “AfroBeats” hosted PSquare in Chicago this past August and yours truly was the MC..(I had to plug myself :). However, as I was selling tickets for the concert (yes I actually do help out) some of girls mentioned that they were not going to the concert because they did not want to see “married men” on stage because its takes the fun out it. They rather see the likes of Sarkodie, Lynxx, Wiz kid etc because they are single and (my interpretation) think they might have a “chance” of getting with the artist/celebrity.

Although the turn out for the concert was good, I wanted to pose this question to the street IS THIS TRUE???????????????????

When a celebrity, male/female get married do they lose some of their sex appeal, resulting in a lost of fans??

Please comment..