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Lotten Bridgetta

Think like a man debate experience“Detractor”

About 2 months ago, I was contacted by a producer at the Steve Harvey show to do a segment on my “opinion” about the book “Think like a man, act like a lady”.

The producer asked me several questions and based on my position/response I was selected for the show.

I had read the book, watched the movie and really enjoyed the sincerity and humor that Steve Harvey brings. The book was on the best seller list for over 23 weeks and he has a new book coming out called “Straight talk no chaser“.

The show finally aired Monday, Oct 7th but I must say……. I was extremely nervous about how I would be perceived on national television, because we all know you only get one shot at first impressions.

First, my concern was how would they edit my responses and of course what would my parents, coworkers and prospective husband (lol) think about my opinion in regard to the subject being discussed.

The subject mater was about relationships (90 day rule, cheating, etc.) and why I was against
Steve Harvey’s principles on those issues.

Believe it or not it was very difficult battling a comedian and his audience, who did not shy from their support of him. Plus, maintaining a smile and not wavering as the audience only clapped for Steve and his supporters. Lol!!

In the end, the show was done very tastefully and the segment although short, (we taped much longer than what aired) was very entertaining and light hearted. Steve made us “The Detractors” feel very comfortable, especially since this was the first time he participated in a debate about his book on camera.

I know my sound bites will never go away and I will be and have already been judged good or bad because of my stance and my appearance on the show. However, this was a win for me because I took a stance on national television and got over my fear of being judged… ..finally….

I will be going back for more…Since I was invited back for another segment that will probably expose more of my vulnerability. However, I’m happy to being doing something fun and that I truly enjoy along side a unique and talented individual like Steve Harvey.

I can remove my father from the list of people’s judgment I was concerned with. He felt the need to make his baby girl feel good about her appearance on the show.
Here is his text message to prove it. 🙂


Here are a few snaps shots from the website and from the TV.