Kahindo Mateene – Project Runway Season 12


When you know the backstory of someone that realizes their dream, the excitement you feel for them is exponential. I met Kahindo Mateene a couple years ago when I was preparing to host the Afro Awards in Chicago and was looking for a modern African dress.

At that time she was at Macy’s designer incubator that Chicago Mayor Daley had commissioned for up and coming designers. Naturally, I was proud of her especially to be recognized for her talent on that level and that she was also African. Kahindo has an amazing presence and is very easy going but most of all you can see the passion and focus in her eyes.

After the award show, we stayed in contact which resulted in a couple purchases from her website www.Modahnik.com . If you were to visit Kahindo at home you can see someone who is truly passionate and focus about what they set their mind to. There are fabric scraps and sketches lying around in her work room. The ideas she has scrapped out and the ones that have been realized in images that are now on her website.

She is selfless and have even offered up some kind words of encouragement to up and coming young designer Akaylia TroiWarren. If someone deserves an opportunity it is Kahindo Mateene. In the short time that I have gotten to know her, it was easy to see that someday she would make it on the big stage.

#Doerscircle2013 Kahindo Mateene _Designer_ Congo Africa


Kahino Mateene Portfolio on Project Runway

Here is her home visit on AOL.

Please make sure to check her out on Project Runway Season 12 which starts next month on the Style network.


Modahnik Dress

Modahnik Dress


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