Why I love VH1 “Tough Love” Miami

Tough Love Miami gets real!!!

Although my hotel rooms do not have VH1, I must admit once in a while, after long days of meetings, I log on to VH1 to watch the “Tough Love Miami” shows online. This is probably one of the best reality shows that I have seen. This show actually focuses on teaching women how to be “dateable and some real lessons in managing expectations.

My favorite episode was number 6, where Steve Ward teaches his bootcampers a tough lesson about dating dealbreakers, their own as well as those of the men they are seeing. The lists of requirements by some of these women were incredible and pretty much unrealistic according to the show.
Here is a summary of thier items, however, watch the video below:

Summary:Leilani’s list of weight restrictions and income requirements to Michelle’s wish to date a Doctor, most of our ladies have unrealistic ideals when it comes to their “Mr. Right.” Later, one of the bootcampers is taken aback when her date for the evening reveals a less than perfect fact about himself that has her questioning the relationship. Will she be able to see past this bombshell and focus on true love instead?

VH1 Tough Love Miami

Your Chicago Artist : IamBlink

Support your local artist and those putting in work to acheive their dreams.

Blink is one of those guys who you can expect at least three things from, he is always smiling, humble and respectful. After meeting him for the first time on my roof top, I immediately knew that this young guy is going to make it. His hunger is raw and his talent speaks for itself. Born as Nelson Agose, Blink is proud to represent Lagos, Nigeria so much so that he just went back home this Novemeber to continue his career. Blink has two albums that he put out this year, ‘The World Is Small” and now his sophomre album “American Dreams/African Prinples”.

Check out Blinks Listening party and make sure to download “American Dreams/African Principles”.

Producer: Mr. B New
Album: American Dreams/African Principles
Label: Independent
Twitter: @iamblink
Website: Blink’s site


To the Lotten B Show family:

This first year has been full of new adventures and many self discoveries. Through it all, the one constant has been the support that we receive from our fans. Thank you so much for your unwavering support and we promise to make this upcoming year one to remember. We are in the process of defining new show concepts, interactive segments and live streaming of events. We look forward to seeing you guys.

Love always from all of us!!
Lotten B and Marvin Nelson

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Africans in NFL-Sierra Leone

WOW!!! this is great!!!

Gibril Wilson plays for the Cincinnati Bangles and is from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Apparently this young guy got an incredible contract with Miami several years ago but he is currently playing for the Bangles. He has been in the league for quite some time now, so make sure to cheer him on when watching the Bangles.

Gibril Wilson
Cincinnati Bangles #27
Years in the League: 8

Africans in NFL-Uganda

Here is a first!!!

Mathias Kagimu Kiwanuka played for the New York giants and is from Uganda. He is also the grandson of Benedicto Kiwanuka, the first Prime Minister of Uganda. Although it seems he is at the end of his contract with the giants he was recently quoted saying “I would like to get after the quarterback more often and collect more sacks”. That just shows that he is still hungry. We hope he can get a couple more years in the league!!! Good Luck Mathias!!

Mathias Kagimu Kiwanuka
New York Giants #94