My First Official Music Video Appearance(not planned)

So I went to the Ghana soccer game to pass out flyers for the Van Vicker Fundraiser I was hosting and was immediately pulled into Purp’man Y U BORE music video for a cameo. I must say that the finish product is incredible. This Ghanaian artist is on his way. He is and has been booked all over the US and I know because I have been contacted for his contact information..Make sure to support your artists and the people around you.. When they make you definitely want to be on the right side of that velvet rope.. because it will happen..

Bon Chance!! Purp and thanks for the experience…


Oh yeah..I am in the Green Dress..

African Festival of the Arts Labor Day..

African Festival of the Arts: Labor day Weekend

The Festival takes place throughout Labor Day Weekend, September2-5, 2011 in Washington Park-5100 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL. 60637.

Founded by Patrick Woodtor, the African Festival of the Arts (AFA) is an annual spectacular celebration of arts and culture from across the African Diaspora. The Festival is hosted each year by Africa International House, Inc.

2011 marks the 22nd anniversary of the Festival as a world-class destination for engaging, family fun. It is the largest neighborhood festival in Chicago, and the largest of its kind in the U.S.

Annually during Labor Day Weekend, the Festival grounds in Chicago’s Washington Park come alive in a simulated African village. Attendees are transported across the Diaspora with interactive demonstrations, vibrant drumming, historical artifacts, colorful and rich fabrics, informative health and wellness workshops, as well fascinating entertainment.

Visit the website AFAChicago