The Hang Over 2 Screening

Let me open with saying that Hang over 2 is Hilarious and I do like Director Todd Phillips but not sure how many Hang Overs I can handle. Of course when you do a sequel after such a ridiculously hilarious and borderline offensive first movie, the movies will compared to the first.

Here are my comparisons, there is not much to say..

The Hang Over 1
FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY, NICE CHANGE AND I DID NOT EXPECT 90% of the things that happened in the movie so that made it extremely funny.

New faces: I did not know the actors so it took a while for me to adjust to their personalities. However, Alan’s Character stole the show and we could all agree that in Las Vegas anything is possible..

The Hang Over 2
FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNIER, However I expected 70% of the things that happened and did not know how Todd Phillips would develop this story. So substitute Las Vegas for Thailand…

This time the movie itself was funny, before they got to the end and displayed the montage of pictures on how everything happened. However, this go round, I was more familiar with the actors and the element of surprise probably hinder 50% of my laughter. However, Zach Galifianakis (Alan) was still so so funny and I’m glad that they decided to spend a little more time developing Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow) character. The funniest parts mostly involved Alan’s(Zach Galifianakis) Character but some things were just way out there…

I still think that its a movie that you should check out but Go early.. Drink a little something and have fun…

CAM Meet and Greet- Joey Medina

Chicago Academy of Music Celebrity Meet and Greet Thursday
May 26th at
Plush Chicago starts 6:00pm
1104 Madison Ave.

Joey Medina, a Puerto Rican who was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, is one of the freshest and funniest comedians around today. Joey spent most of his teen years perfecting his boxing skills that would one day earn him a State Championship as a Professional and a shot at the world title before becoming a heavy-hitter in the comedy arena.

Joey starred in Paramount Picture’s “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” with Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez and Alex Reymundo which grossed $8.5 million in DVD sales in the first six months of its release through Paramount Pictures. The Original Latin Kings of Comedy is still the highest grossing Latino Stand-up Comedy DVD of all time

“The mission of the Chicago Academy of Music is to transform the lives of young people by instilling positive values through affordable music education.”


kweisi gharreau,
Mobile Office: 312.217.7246

CAM Celebrity Meet and Greet Cont..

Bridgetta, not only do we share the same middle name but I love this girl. She is not your average beauty.. check out her profile below and why we were so glad to have met her. Chicago Academy of Music Meet and Greet Continues tonight at Plush.. Come support a great cause.!!

WHAT: The Chicago Academy of Music will primarily offer free music education through a variety of programs for children who are chronically poor residents in the South and West sides of Chicago. Programs offered will utilize both Suzuki and traditional methods of musical instruction and will be available mostly for children from a low socioeconomic (SES) background. The programs offered include weekly musical instruction, daily after-school group music classes, and specialized year-round workshops. While the priorities and goals of each program will differ, they will all serve the mission of the academy. The Chicago Academy of Music presents it’s CELEBRITY “MEET & GREET” SERIES to raise awareness and funds for the academy. To learn more go to:

WHO: An international Model and TV Personality, Bridgetta has made her way to the top as an actress/model/spokeswoman/host and a daredevil. She starred in the film, “The Ideal Husband” which premiered in February on GMC. Her film “Walk A Mile In My Pradas,” screened at Sundance this year and she is the cover model on the January ’11 issue of “Kasanova Magazine.” Bridgetta is always giving back, she participated in “Reality Rally” for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer charity. She co-starred in Showtime’s hit show “Californication.” She starred in “6 Nonsmokers” which has done quite well in the film festival circuit.

Tonight Thursday May 19th MEET and GREET with Bridgetta Tomarchio

1104 W Madison
Chicago IL 60607