Ahmed Birthday Party March 26th 2011

Fatima Bintu Sherif really took birthday celebration to another level. She put together the best birthday party for her boyfriend and love of her life..Ahmed Okungbowa in New Jersey this past Saturday March 26th. The venue was elegant, the food catered by Africanes Nathan was incredible and the DJ really had us on that dang dance floor all night!!!. As host of the event I was honored that they would allow me to participate in such a special day.

As you can see by the pictures.. Ahmed had a fantastic birthday and we will be posting the video messages shortly.

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Ahmed Birthday Party- New Jersey

[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2369.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2250.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2349.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2342.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2295.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2391.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2339.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2367.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2296.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2382.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2337.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2265.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2393.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2276.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2256.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2396.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2279.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2335.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2392.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2388.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2364.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2252.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2273.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2270.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2359.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2385.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2357.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2257.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2390.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2366.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2314_0.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2353.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2314.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2368.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2351.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2377.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2347.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2331.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2345.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2370.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2301.jpg]Fatu and Ahmed
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2378.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2289.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2299.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2255.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2275.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2325.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2375.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2358.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2344.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2372.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2361.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2354.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2399.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2293.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2329.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2360.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2284.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2334.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2311_0.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2323.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2269.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2309_0.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2309.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2404.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2291.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2266.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2251.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2306.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2308.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2326.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2330.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2374.jpg]
[img src=http://www.lottenbshow.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/ahmed-birthday-party-new-jersey/thumbs/thumbs_img_2287.jpg]

WOW!! Elizabeth Taylor Lashes

Can you imagine having two rows of eye lashes? 🙂

When I heard that Elizabeth Taylor had two rows of eye lashes, i pretty much chopped it up like..umm Ok.. when does Hollywood ever tell the truth (Michael Jackson, I have only had surgery on my nose) hehehehehe!!

Well, I just read that it was true that the late Elizabeth Taylor had two rows of lashes, but it was actually a condition and not something that we should all dream for.(or should we cuz Latisse is expensive as hell)

Double rows of eyelashes are usually the result of a mutation at FOXC2, a gene that influences all kinds of tissue development in embryos. FOXC2 mutations are thought to be responsible for, among other things, lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome, a hereditary disease that can cause disorders of the lymphatic system in addition to double eyelashes.

The eyelash mutation isn’t always as cosmetically enhancing as Taylor’s turned out to be–the extra eyelashes can sometimes grow inward and damage the cornea. And it turns out that 7 percent of people with lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome also suffer from congenital heart disease.


Although she avoided any of the complications associated with distichiasis, Liz’s diagnosis certainly factored into her childhood. From an old Washington Post review of J. Randy Taraborrelli’s Taylor biography Elizabeth:

The scene is straight out of the “X-Men” franchise. A beetle-browed physician calls a pair of young parents into his office and, in the gravest of cadences, informs them that their newly born daughter has — a mutation.
“Well, that sounded just awful,” the girl’s mother later recalls, “a mutation. But, when he explained that her eyes had double rows of eyelashes, I thought, well, now, that doesn’t sound so terrible at all.”
And another excerpt via the Daily Mail:

Star of the film [“Lassie Come Home”] Roddy McDowall, then 13, recalled: ‘On her first day of filming, they took one look at her and said: “Get that girl off the set – she has too much eye make-up on, too much mascara.’

So they rushed her off the set and started rubbing at her eyes with a moist cloth to take the mascara off.
‘Guess what? They learned that she had no mascara on. She has a double set of eyelashes. Now, who has double eyelashes except a girl who was absolutely born to be on the big screen?”


Lotten B Show celebrates a Milestone!!!

Lotten B Show Celebrates a milestone

Some of you know I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate. So here goes one!! Since Launching www.lottenbshow.com 4 months and 16 days ago, we have gotten 50,000 hits on the site today Wednesday March 30th. This averages of about 11,000 hits per month.

These numbers to some may not be a big deal but, we have NOT sent out any mass promotions of any sort. We have only posted our interviews and blog posting on Facebook and that’s not every day. I just want to personally thank all of our supporters for helping us reach this milestone. With your help we can reach 100,000 by May and keep growing.

We look forward to bringing you content that is relevant and at least somewhat entertaining. The next couple months are busy (Born To Shine contest, Common Ground Foundation, Sweet, Sounds and Sorbet event), but we are excited about everything that 2011 has brought us so far. Please check back as often as you can and tell ALL your friends about www.lottenbshow.com

TO CELEBRATE RIGHT NOW!!!! Check out a Taste of The Lotten B Show theme song..



Let me know what you think!!!

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Stay in your lane, when it comes to dating?

Should you stay in your lane?

Monday March 28th, I was having lunch with a friend.. who is a relationship expert. We were talking about one of his friends that will not date certain types of women because he thinks they will not be attracted to him, apparently he has issues with his nose, so he purposely goes after “Tier three women”. Later that day we talked about a girlfriend that is overly confident and does not stay in her lane when it comes to trying to date men that look a certain way. She loves attractive and very handsome men, however, from her exterior, some people may not consider her attractive enough to date those types of guys. I mentioned to him, that I have a girlfriend who only likes guys with 6 packs and thinks guys with big stomachs are gross. One day, I told her that she was being kind of selfish because if she is asking some of these guys to possess things that she doesn’t possess. She does not have a 6 pack and I could not understand why she wants every guy she dates to have a 6 pack.

Anyway, the whole point of this conversation is to ask.. Should you stay in your lane? I mean if you are an average looking guy or below average.. should you go for the super model, video models types? Or should you just go after a regular girl and modify your criteria? Honestly, since music videos lots of regular guys want a certain type of woman, who has this body shape, hair and even skin tone, even though they can never get that type of girl. If you look at some of these rappers.., but you strip away the money, cars and jewelry.. they may never be able to attract certain types of women. (umm, lets start from the top…Beyonce and Jay Z) nothing against the Hova.. I love him too.. but I mean come on now :). Ok so back to the question.. Should we stay in our lane when it comes to dating? Should average people date only average partners.. or should you just go for it? Apparently love is in the eyes of the beholder..

Geessh Gwen Stafani :(

I just read this article about Gwen Stafani on how she has to work out everyday to keep her stomach toned. She also talked about wearing make up EVERYDAY for her husband. Umm nothing about this article was positive. I guess, i thought she was someone that accepted herself..but..ugh!! Read it for yourself.

Gwen Stefani: My weight is a daily struggle
Unlike most women in Hollywood, Gwen Stefani doesn’t claim that she can eat whatever she wants and somehow still stay slim. In fact, the mother of two admits that keeping her tummy toned is a daily struggle.

“I work out five days a week,” Stefani tells the April issue of Elle U.K., according to the Daily Mail. “I can’t imagine not doing it.”

While Stefani admits to being a big fan of pizza—and even treated herself to a slice after presenting her Spring 2011 L.A.M.B. clothing collection at New York Fashion Week last September—she is very careful about her diet.

“I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear,” she tells Elle U.K. “And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s not fun for me. I just beat myself up about it.”

The singer, who is married to rocker Gavin Rossdale, is equally strict about her beauty routine and confesses she wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without her face on.

“I wear makeup every single day,” she says. “I like to wear makeup for Gavin and I don’t feel energized till I’ve put it on. Then I’m ready to go.”