My First Movie Role??

My big Announcement is that I did the Voice Over for the Opening Credits of Paparazzi;Eye In The Dark. I played a Radio DJ and the great thing is I was able to Drop The “ during my piece. So as you can see I am overly ecstatic, because this movie is being premiere all over the world for the next or two. So even after the Chicago premiere of Paparazzi, my name and voice will be heard across the globe 🙂 Watch out NOLLYWOOD and HOLLYWOOD Lotten B is making big moves. Lol!!!

No, but for real, I was so honored that they asked me to lend my voice to their movie. Now not only will I be premiering Paparazzi, but I’m in it now. Praise be to God.

Here is what happened.

So Thursday, I got a call from the producer of Paparazzi; Eye In The Dark about a piece of the movie that they want to add to the edits. So I kept pretty chilled while he was talking about what they wanted me t do. He said we want you to film a studio piece where you are reporting on the news about the murder that takes place Paparazzi. So of course, I was like ..umm YEAH!! Im down.

I already had a ticket booked to Atlanta to cover the Liberian Entertainment Awards for Saturday 1/29/2011. I decided to call my sister Joyce and asked if I should go to DC to go do the piece. She said.. “Go ahead” when an opportunity presents itself you should take advantage. However, I know that every opportunity may not be good and in line of what I’m trying to do. But I only will jump at those opportunities that are in line with my vision. 🙂

So I booked a flight to DC and as with my trips lately things are not always easy but this time it was not that bad. I just had to connect through Philadelphia, but I got to DC safely. Mr. Koby Maxwell picked me up and we grabbed a bit at Sahara African restaurant in Maryland. Look out for Koby Maxell new Album too. He got at least 4 songs that I know are going to be hits off the album. Anyway, Koby and I chatted about the movie and he seems pretty excited about how things are going. He mentioned that they are looking forward to the Chicago Premiere (Feb 25th @ IIT McCloska Auditorium and Ballroom).

While heading to the studio Koby says, Lotten I’ve got Good news and Bad news 🙁

Of course, I said what is the bad news???????????????????????????????????????????????

He said the studio and some equipment were not ready for the Saturday Shoot.. 🙁
So of course I’m was trying to stay chilled so that he could not tell that I was about to cry. I said, OK so what is the GOOD news?

The Goods news was they wanted me to record a voice over for the movie while the reopening credits are rolling…. YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!! My energy was back up….because at that point, I was like there is no way I came all the way to DC and not getting something done.
OK while in the studio there was a recording session going so we had to wait for them to break. By the way, I want to give props to Reginald Rainey for letting us use his studio and all that he is doing for the careers of many African and African-American artists.

So all of a sudden out walks Paul G!!! Umm in case you don’t know this dude he is a hot new artist that has worked with people like Akon. He got a song called Bang It All that he did with Akon) and he is from Angola. His new album is coming out and the tracks are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooooofff the Charts!!!!. He can blow!! And his producer Gil is ridiculous too!!. Anyway I got an interview with him that I will be posting this week. He had me crying in the studio when I listened to his track called “Beautiful Mind”. More to come on that!! Make sure to look out for Paul G..

Ok so it’s my time to get in the booth. Lol!! I was nervous and had no idea what the heck I was going to do and how I was going to do. Basically, I got my lines and I just did it.. So please DON’T laugh at my Radio DJ Voice.

Anyway, after recording “Several” voice overs for the piece I came out the studio. YEAH!!!!!!! I did it!!
So not only did I do a voiceover for the movie, I was able to get 2 interviews and 2 drops for the movie.
Interview with Paul G and Tim Wilson who was the cinematographer and editor for Paparazzi: Eye In The Dark. His interview will also be posted this week. Very insightful and he had some interesting experience as an African-American now working with the Nollywood movie industry. From the looks of this movie, he might be responsible for redefining the whole industry.

Plus I got a drop for Paparazzi from Koby Maxwell and Paul G.

Aahhhhh I am done!!!

One more thing.. Thanks Katrelle and Dwayne for letting me stay at your house.. considering this was so so last minute. See you soon, but next time I will let you know in advance. 🙂

It was an awesome weekend and guess whats next???????????? ALL STAR WEEKEND…

Man I DON’T want to SNUGGLE with ugh!

OK, Really Charlie Sheen!!!

This dude needs a good wake up call. I mean how many times can you hospitalized before you realize you have a FREAKING PROBLEM.

One friend of Charlie Sheen has the most unusual reason for the actor’s hospitalization on Thursday — the Two and a Half Men star was laughing too hard.
Steve Brodersen, identified as Sheen’s friend by Extra, told the program that Sheen suffered a hernia injury while laughing too hard at the television from his home.
The report continues that Sheen may need surgery as soon as tomorrow to repair the hernia. Brodersen said that Sheen told him from the hospital bed, “I’m not dying.”
Sheen was hospitalized on Thursday morning. His rep said at the time that it was due to “severe abdominal pains.”

Charlie Sheen left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center late Thursday after a long-standing hernia condition was aggravated by a robust bout of laughter, Reuters reports, and not from a drug overdose as widely rumored (or predicted).
That’s not to say Sheen spent the his week-long “Two and Half Men” hiatus playing bridge and drinking Earl Grey. says the actor had been partying for nearly two days straight with five adult film actresses, including Kacey Jordan, who claimed Sheen was “wasted” and that Sheen accepted a delivery of some 20 grams of cocaine, which he proceeded to smoke. As a nightcap, they watched porn in Sheen’s home theater for two hours.

“He doesn’t think he’s going to die,” an unnamed Sheen friend tells “He doesn’t want to stop. In his eyes, he thinks, ‘I’m having fun, so what? I’m making $2 million a week, the show has the best ratings, I show up for up work. What’s the problem?’”

Snoop Dogg Interview

When you first think about Snoop Dogg, What are your immediately thoughts? Well, before meeting him two weeks ago my thoughts were a little bit different and now the saying, never judge a book by the cover truly stands with me.

After spending the weekend in Las Vegas watching Snoop Dogg coach his Long Beach Browns team in the cold winter night, I was completely impressed. Snoop Dogg Youth Football League is his foundation that he started out of Long Beach and is now expanding across the country. The first expansion outside of California is in Las Vegas, where they have 8 leagues with about 48 teams. Now Chicago is next on the list for a possible July Launch. If you think this league is just for fun, you are kidding yourselves. The kids are very competitive and in order to participate you must maintain a 2.0 GPA and also have good behavioral standing.

This league has taken notice by retired NFL players such as Willie Mcginest who played for the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns. Check out the interview and make sure to support them when they come to Chicago or your city. This is exactly what Chicago needs and I’m so excited for to be launched in Chicago.

Snoopyfly Website

Marvin wants to snuggle with Janet. hehe

Janet Jackson is ever changing, always beautiful and sexy.
From the first time I noticed her as the cute adorable Penny on Good Times, to a blossoming beauty as Charlene Dupree on Different Strokes, to present day, Janet has maintained as my number 1. So, naturally I would love to snuggle with her.


Paparazzi: Eye In The Dark.. Confirmed Cast

Are you ready CHICAGO????
Flights, Hotels are booked ….here are your CONFIRMED cast members that will be blessing us with their presence at this years Black History Month Nollywood Meets Hollywood Movie Premiere and AfterParty.

This event will be hosted by yours truly Lotten B and DJ Diesel will be spinning..

Van Vicker

Syr Law

JJ Bunny

Come join
February 25th 2011 @7:30pm
IIT McCloska Auditorium and Ballroom
3201 S State Street
Chicago IL, 60616

Tickets are only $30 for Movie&AfterParty with the cast. for questions and Advance tickets