Today’s Man We Want To “Snuggle With”

Today’s man we want to “Snuggle with is Barack Obama!!

Barack Obama

I would snuggle with him in my library while reading books and drinking some hot tea. hehehe!! Of  course this is while I’m sitting between him and Michelle.  Honestly, we at LBS have so much respect for this man and we expect great things from him in the coming years. We love seeing his bright smile and think he is worth snuggling with..

Ladies and some Gents.. what do you think? Where would you snuggle with the prez?

Women we love/Hate

Today’s Woman We Absolutely LOVE!! Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

We love Michelle Obama because she is a first lady we can all relate to. Whether you are an executive, housewife, or a student there is something about her that is very affable. She exudes strength, style, hard work, and you can tell she truly respects and adores her husband. Way to go Michelle!! We absolutely love you and your style!!

Tell us do you love or hate Mrs Obama?

Today’s Man We Want To “Snuggle With”

Today’s Man we want to “Snuggle With” is Boris Kodjoe

Do we have to explain why we want to “snuggle with” him? OK let me oblige!!! Nice teeth, nice height, nice weight!! oh and he got a hit television show “Undercovers on NBC. (not anymore because we rather watch Atlanta housewives then see Boris 🙁 Wait!! one more, he is a foreigner and you know what they say about foreign men? They love to “Snuggle”

Ladies where the heck would you snuggle with BK? ANYWHERE!!!