The 70 year old lover I almost had…


I saw Charles and he opened the door for me to get in the building.. He was nice this time and said.. hello Lotten. I was the one that was a little nervous this time, but if he asks me out for dinner again, I will tell him yes. However, this time I will let him know that I will just go to dinner and that’s it. I am not interested in a relationship of any sort but maybe once in a while, we can grab dinner. He is still alive so we have to make the most of it.. hehehehehe

WARNING: I am not a writer so you will see some grammatical errors 🙂

So Tuesday when I got home from work, i was in the lobby of my building talking to a neighbor. Charles/Chuck who is 70 years old Caucasian guy, with a hunched back and no front teeth. He had on a red winter coat with the hood standing up behind his head. We were talking about the building and how his kids had went to the private school in our neighborhood years ago. I told him that my daughter was in a the public school and some of my challenges with it. Anyway, Charles and I talked for maybe about 5 minutes, then I started to get nervous at his interest in me. Next thing you know he says, DO YOU LIKE ITALIAN FOOD?, I was like yes I do, then he says.. WE SHOULD GO TO DINNER SOME TIME. I was like SSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE.. Not realizing that he was serious and I was just being NICE. So Charles says well give me your number and he pulls out his cell phone. Being the punk that I am for other people’s feelings, I gave him my real number. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to all the guys who have tried to get my number and I have objected.. Charles just seem like such a sweet old man.. Well at least that’s what i thought.

Fast forward to 10 minutes later that evening, while I was at my IMAC (Proud owner of all Apple products) editing my interview with David Reavy of Reavy Rehab. My Phone rings..I did not have the number stored so I answered… Hello!! Hi there this is Charles….I just met you in the lobby of &&& &&&&&&& and you gave me your number. I was like…. Hiiiiii Charles, how are you? He says I am good, do you want to go to dinner tomorrow night. Umm Charles can I call you back I have someone coming over right now and I’m working. (I was not lying I was working) So of course i went to my personal Facebook page and posted this awkward experience with Charles….laughing and crying at the same time. lol!!

Well, I did not call Charles that night and was trying to figure out how I was going to call him back and turn him down. I kind of thought, maybe i should go to dinner and just be nice. But while working from home today, my phone rings again and this time it was a different number, so of course I answered. Hello..Hello Lotten? YES,THIS IS CHARLES FROM &&& &&&&&&&, how are you? Hiiiiiii Charles, sorry i did not call you last night, I had someone over (Donna Townsend). Charles didn’t ask me anything about my day but says, I would like to take you out to dinner Friday or Saturday. I said Charles, I have a very busy this weekend and already have plans, why don’t i call you back when I am available.

Uncle Charles tone changed.. he says.. Available? Do you know what available means? I was like yes I do and I’m telling you that I’m busy this weekend (calm tone because this guy lives in my building and now I am scared). Charles says, well WHAT ABOUT A WEEK FROM FRIDAY? I got quiet and said Charles, I am not sure what I will be doing but i do not have plans for Friday at this time. Charles says, well lets plan it then, since you don’t have anything going on that day. I said Charles, why don’t we do this, let me call you back when I am available to go to dinner.

Charles tone changed again.. he says well this sounds like an escape, I guess this is how Liberian people are. I said Charles I am feeling some pressure from you right now so I will call you back when I am able to go out to dinner with you. Charles said you have not called me yet so how do i know you will call. I said Charles I just met you yesterday and did not expect that you would want to go to dinner the next day. You cannot get mad at me because I have called you yet.

Charles Tone changed again…He says you know what, this conversation is not worth pursing with someone that is not even American I guess this is how Liberians act and he hangs up on me 🙁

What did i learn from Charles:

I was not ready for the attention Charles was willing to give me nor his wanting me to take me out of my comfort zone why….because I do not like Charles. If that was &&&&&& &&&&&&&, (don’t try to fill in the will never guess it, this is just to make it seem like I have someone that I’m crazy about ) I would drop EVERYTHING and go to dinner with him, no matter the day or time :). See!! Charles knew what he wanted… and I didn’t, but now I feel bad for hurting his feelings and I’m left alone again…I miss him already..Lol!!!!!

I had to share this experience..

Response to Charles and Lottens Almost date.. from Facebook..

you never know what you had till it is gone 🙁