What are your favorite R Kelly Songs?

Quit playing you know you got at least 15 or more on that list.

Here are some of mine I got more, I will post them next week..

1)I wish
2)Remix Fiesta with Jay Z
3)Bump Bump with Elephant Man
4)Ignition (Remix) After seeing Michael Jackson dancing in his limo to this, i will never forget it.
5)Happy People

According to Yahoo These are top 10 songs Do you agree?

R. Kelly Hit #10 – Trapped in the Closet

This song, hip-hopera as R. Kelly calls it, was clear evidence of R. Kelly’s genius. R. Kelly released this collection of songs on his TP3: Reloaded album which was released in 2005. R. Kelly was able to use a story of a love triangle and make it sexy. He tackles issues of infidelity and shows how anyone can become a victim of infidelity. R. Kelly also makes the point of showing “what goes around comes around.” I rated this song at number ten mainly because it was funny to see him trying to act out the various roles during a solo performance.

R. Kelly Hit # 9 – Happy People

In his song “Happy People,” R. Kelly shows off his ability to be a great entertainer. The song is fun and full of life. It actually makes me smile and want to dance every time I hear the song. R. Kelly’s “Happy People” is a celebration of all people. It is a song that can be used for any occasion. R. Kelly’s “Happy People” song can be heard on his 2004 double CD, “Happy People/ U Saved Me” album.

R. Kelly Hit # 8 – I Believe I Can Fly

R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” was released in 1996 in conjunction with the movie “Space Jam.” “I Believe I Can Fly” is a song full of inspiration. This R. Kelly hit is one of the few

“kid-friendly” songs he has done. This song made this list because I loved it so much as pre-teen. It set me on course to being a great fan of R. Kelly.

R. Kelly Hit # 7 – Your Body’s Callin’ Me

R. Kelly shows off his talent in this seductive song. As with most of his songs, this song is sexually charged. It is clearly one of the best songs for getting your significant other in a good mood. R. Kelly begins the song out by showing how your mind and body may not always be on the same page. This song is a must-have for any couple’s CD collection.

R. Kelly Hit # 6 – I Wish

R. Kelly’s “I Wish” became an instant hit in 2002. This song was released shortly after R. Kelly’s legal problems began. It really shows his sensitive side. This song has choir of kids who sing the hook. It is another one of R. Kelly’s inspirational songs.

R. Kelly Hit # 5 – Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Remix) Ft. Jay-Z

R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Remix)” is one of my favorite songs by him. While it is still a nice, sexy song, it is also a fun song. R. Kelly collaborated with rapper/producer Jay-Z on the remix. It has a nice up-tempo beat to it, which makes it great for dancing. It also has easy to remember lyrics so anyone can sing along to the song. This song comes off of R. Kelly’s 2000 TP-2.COM album. If you listen to the remix, you will most definitely want to hear the original version.

R. Kelly Hit # 4 – Ignition

R. Kelly’s song “Ignition” is another very sexually charged song and should only be listened by adults. It is a great song which shows off R. Kelly’s ability to write a song about anything. In this song, R. Kelly compares sex to driving a car. It was very clever, as some people do not catch onto the illustration in this song. This song comes off of R. Kelly’s 2003 release of the Chocolate Factory.

R. Kelly Hit #3 – Fiesta (Remix)

R. Kelly’s “Fiesta (Remix)” featured rapper/producer Jay-Z. This song is one of the best party songs released by R. Kelly. I really liked this song when I was in full party mode and would party to the early morning. This song, while being a great clubbing/party song, has some sexual connotations to it, but it is a real fun song.

R. Kelly Hit #2 – Ignition (Remix)
R. Kelly’s remix of his song “Ignition” was released in early 2003 and appeared on his album, The Chocolate Factory. This song was very upbeat and was pure genius. This song used words such as

“beep-beep” and “toot-toot” which made it an instant hit. This song would have made it to my number one spot, if it were not for yet another one of R. Kelly’s inspirational songs.

R. Kelly Hit #1 – The Greatest

R. Kelly added his song “The Greatest” to the 2001 movie “Ali” soundtrack. This song was a tribute to one of the most influential and inspiring African American athletes of all time. This song was truly an inspiration and always has a place in my heart. This song is number one for me because it gave me hope and motivation to make it through some of the hardest times.


Black History Month Celebration-Paparazzi; Eye in the Dark

Chicago Premiere of Paparazzi!!

The Lotten B show has partnered with the producer Koby Maxwell to premiere Paparazzi: Eye in the dark in Chicago during Black History month. The timing of this premiere serves a dual purpose; to celebrate the accomplishment of African and African Americans as well as to shine a light on the unity of all people of color and its supporters.

Tickets have arrived for Paparazzi and we are ready to party. If you have not checked out the trailer for this movie.. please do.


Live Performance by Koby Maxwell.
Feb 25th @ IIT McCloska Auditorium and Ballroom.
Tickets are $30 for both movie and after party.
Movie only $15
After Party only $25